Hair Replacement for Men

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No matter what kind of hair loss you have ,Kenneth has a discreet, proven treatment to fit your budget. Getting straight answers about hair loss treatments for men can be almost as frustrating as losing your hair. And since most companies have only one solution, they'll do whatever they can to convince you that it's the only one that's right for you.

The reality is that each man's hair loss is different. Some guys are great candidates for hair transplant surgery, others prefer the lifestyle advantages of the hair replacement process, and some simply want to prevent their existing hair from thinning any further. No matter what kind of hair loss you have, it's an ongoing process that changes over time.

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Hair Replacement Procedure
Remember what it felt like to run your fingers through your hair? (Or even better, how it felt when someone else did?) Now you can welcome back that feeling while looking even better than you did before your hair loss began.

Faster and less expensive than surgery, Kenneth’s high-quality, non-surgical hair restoration process re-creates the look and feel of your own natural hair. You can brush your hair, style your hair, swim, and even get sand in your hair.

You can even choose to replace your hair gradually for a subtle transition that doesn't draw attention until people start asking if you've been working out. We also offer human hair for the most natural replacement possible.

How It Works
The key to achieving this natural effect is the one hair V-looped process. we examine your thinning area to determine where the hair needs to be added to give you the volume and density you desire. Hair will be added strand by strand in the exact angle and direction of your own hair growth into a virtually undetectable designed to match the balding and thinning areas of your scalp.

This customized design is then integrated into your own hair. So no matter how close you get, no one will notice a thing.

Call Kenneth Michaels in Beverly Hills, CA, for more information about hair replacement for men.

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