Hair Extensions

hair extensions hair extensions

Kenneth’s Hair Extensions add beautiful length to shorter hair and can add volume and thickness to your own length.

Individually Bonded
Hair Extensions are individually attached (bonded) onto your own hair, 1/4 inch from the hair root, using a specially formulated polymer bonding. The technique Kenneth uses to bond the hair pieces causes no discomfort or excess stress to the client's hair. The hair strands are separated one by one and customized for each client as to the texture, color, thickness, and cut.

Bonded Adhesive Weft Extension’s
Great for fine hair. Thin strips are bonded to your own hair, with no discomfort. They are smooth and lay very flat. The color and texture and customized to match each client's natural hair.

Completely Natural
Kenneth’s Hair Extensions are free moving and look completely natural. The hair is easily washed and brushed just as you always have done with your own hair. The hair Kenneth uses for his Extensions is the finest quality human hair extensions available in the hair market today.

Call Kenneth Michaels in Beverly Hills, CA, today for more information about our hair extension services.

hair extensions hair extensions

hair extensions hair extensions


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